Profiles for floors and coverings

Profiles for floors and coverings

Combining aesthetic perfection and functionality


To create a comfortable, impeccably finished and welcoming space that excites is the ambition of every decorator of homes, workplaces and other spaces. To succeed in this, obviously care has to be taken to respect the overall architecture and style of the space, as well as selecting the furniture and furnishings to put in it. Nevertheless, another secret when it comes to transforming a room and giving it a unique and original style, is to spend some time thinking about the details that can turn an anonymous room into one that has bags of personality. 


Profilpas, which has always been in tune with the latest trends in interior design, has created a full range of profile for floors and coverings, offering an effective answer to everything customers might need.  Thanks to the unique features and care taken with the details, these items can bring elegance and sophistication to any type of interior, raising the overall tone of the space. 

Versatility and quality for an all-round offering

In addition to the visual appeal and functional characteristics of these Profilpas profiles for floors and coverings, they also stand out for their versatility. The company has designed especially eclectic ranges which can fit into any space. From workplaces to living spaces, bathrooms to terraces, stairs to external or internal angles, these profiles provide tailor-made solutions which both suit and enhance the interior style of the customer’s space.   

The materials used to make the profiles for floors and coverings are also all-purpose, designed to capture the minds and hearts of customers.   Of the many Profilpas branded products, the brass and stainless steel profiles are undoubtedly the most eye-catching for the quality of the materials and sophisticated design. Other premium products are the aluminium and PVC ranges.