External corner profiles

External corner profiles

Aesthetic perfection without losing sight of functionality

In contemporary design, the difference is often in the detail. Paying attention to the small things is essential to give a touch of class, elegance and personality to any type of space. Profilpas, always ready to intercept trends in the interior design world, is well aware of this. 

To intensify the quality of the interiors, it designed a range of exclusive charm - the external corner profile collection. Corner profiles are the perfect combination of aesthetic perfection and functionality, offering high-performance protection to the most delicate tile coverings while still bringing the beauty and linearity of the forms. 

A made-to-measure solution for every need

The broad and varied range of external corner profiles by Profilpas allows customers to find a tailor-made solution to the every need. The versatility of these items is their strength, as they will sit perfectly with tile coverings in any room, from the kitchen to the swimming pool, bathroom or lounge. 

Another benefit of external corner profiles by Profilpas is the variety of materials available. Depending on the area of use, these products are available in stainless steel, aluminium, brass and PVC, in different colours and finishes. The varied nature of the range means you will always find the one that's right for you, whether you're looking for high standards of health and hygiene or to invest in something to withstand chemical attack or physical stress. The multiple formats, from round to triangular, and the ease of installation, make the offering even more interesting. 

So, if you're looking to marry contemporary design trends while guaranteeing long-lasting protection to the tile covering, just pick the solution that works best for you from the wide range of external corner profiles by Profilpas.