Materiale per il punto vendita

Merchandising for the point of sale

A strategic choice for showrooms and clients


Of the many professional values that have always underpinned Profilpas’ everyday business is the company’s focus on its customers. The ability to respond quickly and effectively to their needs is a distinctive feature of our world and one of the aims we push ourselves to achieve every day. For this precise reason, we provide our resellers with material for sales outlets. By creating a series of tools to guide and support decision-making, we aim to offer a premium, comprehensive and professional service to anyone thinking of buying a Profilpas product.  

There are clearly  also benefits for resellers when they purchase Profilpas material for sales outlets. For the showroom, there’s the invaluable opportunity to assemble an elegant and eye-catching display area that can be personalized to fit specific needs and space restrictions. Creating a display area means spotlighting, explaining and celebrating the company’s products, as well as paving the way to a further increase in sales.

A variety of tools for every requirement 

Deciding to purchase Profilpas material for sales outlets is an important strategic decision for resellers and showrooms, and allows you to offer your customers an excellent service. The dedicated sales tools can fulfil a diverse range of requirements. The choice is wide and varied: from modular display units to counter displays, sample books and cases, cylinders and bundles, to name but a few.