Cable skirting boards

Cable skirting boards, visual appeal and functionality

Smart, lightweight aluminium in a skirting board is the simple, effective answer to issues of space and order. Cable skirting board is an attractive and functional solution that can suit a variety of interior decoration needs. 

Thanks to the rebate in the skirting board, loose cables and wires around the room will be a thing of the past, no longer posing any safety risks, tripping people up, or an unsightly feature than can ruin the effect of the room, looking like intruders with respect to the overall design. 

Metal Line 97/8 cable skirting board

Profilpas has responded to these requirements by producing the aluminium Metal Line 97/8 cable skirting board, to clearly delineate where floor meets wall. It is the ideal solution when you want to hide cables and wires without having to drill the wall while enriching and decorating the room.  This kind of skirting board was designed to run cables along through the PVC trunking. 

The Metal Line 97/8 cable skirting board is also extremely functional: it was simplified to make it easy to install. You can therefore choose only natural aluminium supports,  screws or plugs, or use the PVC trunking. 
The innate elegance of cable skirting boards makes it veritable design feature in a room, thanks to the smart silver anodized aluminium finish. In other words, the appeal goes hand in hand with the performance.

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