Flexible skirting boards

Flexible skirting boards, the answer to contemporary design needs

“Straight corners don't do it for me [...], what gets me excited are sensual, curved lines,”  Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer underlined the value of curved lines in design. This trend is to be found as much in large buildings as modern home interiors. To correctly accentuate the curved lines, you have to have the right fittings, starting from the small details. To this end, Profilpas has added a flexible skirting board with essential, sleek lines to its range. 

Curved lines are no longer a problem or an obstacle if you want to protect or enhance the lower part of walls and pillars, which are often painted a different colour from the rest of the room.  Pillars are therefore an important part of the decor so the flexible skirting board must be practical, hard-wearing and also visually appealing.

Flexible skirting boards by Profilpas

These qualities are undoubtedly assured in curved skirting boards designed and produced by Profilpas. Made of anodized aluminium, these products are extremely sleek and elegant, and fit perfectly in any modern, sophisticated setting. In terms of functionality, they come in different heights, with something for every residential and professional setting. 

In other words, flexible skirting boards are the detail that can make the difference in original settings. They accentuate and enhance unconventional lines, championing an original, personalised style. 

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