Catalogues and leaflets continue to be a primary means of presenting the full range of Profilpas products effectively, comprehensively and in detail. For this reason, this section is provided to allow you to download the up-to-date product catalogue and brand brochures as practical pdf files.
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Profilpas Catalogue 2024_01
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Profilpas Catalogue 2024_01 - Supports for Raised Floors
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PP level DUO MAXI - Supports for raised floors | Brochure IT/EN
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PP Drain Aqua - Linear shower drains | Brochure IT/EN
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Glass Profile - Profiles for floor-level showers | Brochure IT/EN
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Cerfix Protec - Profiles for balconies and terraces | Brochure IT/EN
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Trend Color - Profiles for contemporary design | Brochure IT/EN
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PP Level DUO® - Supports for outdoor raised floors | Brochure IT/EN
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Profiles and skirting boards for wooden and laminate floors | Brochure IT/EN
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