Tile trims

Tile trims, a finishing touch for every room

Every room in the home has its own personality. Whether you’re dealing with modern or classic, it doesn't matter - the appeal and overall aesthetic effect of the solutions used is important. In this regard, tiles are ideal, available in a huge variety of materials and colours. For impeccable results, though, Profilpas tile trims are essential. 

Trims and tiles can work to perfection when the choice of both is made with care. There are thousands of tiles on the market, different ones for each different application and personal style. From those which can withstand the weather to those which will stand up to wear and detergents. On top of this, there are fittings for floors and other more fragile ones, suitable only for walls. When it comes to the materials, the choice is endless, majolica tiles and stone porcelain for example.

ceramic tile trim

Types and materials

Tile trims are like picture frames around the tiled surface, drawing attention to the stylish appeal. There are many types -  aluminium, stainless steel, brass and PVC: some have been designed to seal and protect external corners in ceramic coverings, as a smoother, sleeker alternative to the unsightly and fragile 45o cut; others were designed as a decorative finish to surfaces, adapting to every style.

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