Skirting board for wooden flooring/parquet

A triumph of wood

Wood is timeless, able to create interiors with a warm, cosy glow. Wooden floors are popular, both for their natural beauty and ability to hold heat.

Parquet skirting boards are therefore a necessity, to hide the space between the wood and the wall, and to allow for the natural expansion and contraction of the wood. The skirting board protects the base of the wall and provides a seamless joint between the wall and the floor. A good match between the wood floor and the skirting board is therefore essential.

One of the most popular parquet skirting board is the bullnose, with a rounded edge. In this simple, functional design, the rounded part helps to stop dust from collecting along the skirting board, giving the room a harmonious feel.

Innovative parquet skirting boards

Profilpas has a number of solutions for parquet skirting boards, with something for everyone looking for a match for an existing floor. The brand has, in fact, introduced an innovative system called PDS (Profilpas Digital System) whereby any type of pattern can be reproduced - and wood colours and grains matched - in a 3D print. The film is permanently fixed to the skirting boards so they match the floor perfectly. Alternatively, Profilpas has a vast range of aluminium skirting boards and flush recessed skirting boards with solid wood or metal inserts.

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