Flush recessed skirting boards

Flush recessed skirting boards, the solution designers love

Flush recessed skirting boards are a stylish addition  that enhances homes and brings something extra to contemporary interiors, where finishes are carefully selected and nothing is left to chance. This revolutionary new product has changed what we expect of a baseboard, now fully integrated with the wall and the perfect response to latest needs and priorities in terms of style. 

Flush recessed skirting boards are first and foremost great to look at because they mark the perimeter of a room without delimiting it. Secondly, with this kind of baseboard, furniture can now be pushed flush against the wall, getting rid of the gap - and dust trap - with standard skirting boards. Moreover, in homes with sliding doors, a flush skirting board creates a more harmonious interior, thanks to the presence of the fully flat surfaces. 

As for the colours and materials, you can choose to make your flush recessed skirting board blend in completely with the wall by getting it the exact same colour, or go for a wood that echoes the floor, for example.

Flush recessed skirting boards

Flush recessed skirting boards by Profilpas are a superior solution, designed to blend in seamlessly with the wall. More specifically, Metal Line 87/6 and 88/6 are excellent solutions for rendered and plasterboard walls. This high-quality product features a base to be fitted before the wall is complete then an insert to be added after the floor has been laid. In terms of materials, Profilpas presents high-resistance base elements in aluminium, which can be combined with solid wood inserts, silver anodized aluminium, matt white coated aluminium and an aluminium insert for the LED light version. 

In particular, the Metal Line 88/I6L/A model is a flush recessed skirting board with strip led lighting system. If you also add a dimmer, the intensity of the skirting board can be adjusted as a decorative feature or to provide a night light.

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