Sanitary profiles

Hygiene guaranteed thanks to special profiles 

Designing and renovating a bathroom are jobs which require a great deal of thought about the look, without neglecting the quality of the materials used and their functionality. For this reason, every detail should be selected with care. Thoughts usually turn to coverings first, and the choice of sanitary ware, but it should be remembered that the finishes are just as important, both for the overall effect and to guarantee a high degree of hygiene in the room. Profilpas has developed a vast range of sanitary profiles which are ideal for bathrooms.

Profilpas solutions for sanitary ware

Sanitary profiles by Profilpas are a valid alternative to traditional silicone, serving as a joint between sanitary ware and the wall, and the gap that needs to be sealed. While silicone is subject to mould if not kept dry at all times, Profilpas sanitary profiles are water-repellent, non-toxic, will not change over time and can be easily cleaned all over. To this end, the Sanibord range is recommended; it includes numerous anti-bacterial painted aluminium and coextruded PVC elements. All of the sanitary profiles come in different formats and sizes, in order to fulfil every requirement. These characteristics make Profilpas sanitary profiles the best choice, not just for homes but also for large, busy spaces where high standards of hygiene are essential, like hospitals, schools or labs. 

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