Shower systems

Shower systems

Solutions for stylish bathrooms


A stylish bathroom, with meticulous attention to detail, is the ideal place to relax and pamper yourself. Functionality and elegance are, in fact, two essentials when it comes to interior decoration. Showers have become an important contemporary design feature: in particular, the most pioneering ones are those at floor level, with no shower tray. To make them, Profilpas has introduced a number of shower systems, with something to suit every style of interior. 

Drains, drainage channels and profiles for floor-level showers

Shower systems by Profilpas include Thin Drain, Slim Drain and Smart Drain, a range of drainage channels made specifically for floor-level showers: the ideal solution for turning them into a designer space. With this kind of drain,  unsightly shower trays are no longer needed,  creating a single, seamless floor throughout the bathroom. This choice reflects the latest trend in interior design, perfect for every type of covering. 
Smart Drain, more specifically, has the benefit of a striking appearance and a variety of sizes available: for this reason, it is ideal for use with large size tiles in all applications. Slim Drain, thanks to its more compact siphon (65mm), is perfect for renovation projects and anywhere that requires quality and weightlessness as a primary concern. The size is even more impressive in Thin Drain, only 55mm, a range available with three different grates. 

Not to be outdone is the Q Drain range, square in shape and made in four different versions, to meet every requirement.
Notable among the Profilpas shower systems is also Glass Profile, a range featuring stainless steel profiles for use when mounting glass partition walls and finishing floors in showers mounting Thin Drain, Slim Drain and Smart Drain.