White skirting board

White skirting boards, perfect in any context

Colour is important when choosing furniture and interiors. The palettes interior decorators and designers use feature a rich selection of tones and shades, which change from season-to-season, following trends in the sector. Each colour evokes a particular emotion but to make sure combinations work together, they have to be carefully selected. Finding the right shade is essential, not only for large furnishings but also for the details. The white skirting board is therefore an effective way of introducing a touch of style to a room.  

A slim plinth in this shade will fit the decor of any room and add lustre to any home, office or display space. The white skirting is ideal, for example, in a total white space, in which white is the dominant theme. It can blend into the setting while reflecting light to make the room seem bigger and cooler.

The white skirting board also fits into more colourful contexts where mixing different colours creates original and unusual combinations. White can set off interesting contrasts and unusual pairings to give the room something extra that sets it apart and makes a home or an office unique.

Peerless lines

Profilpas has a wide range of solutions for anyone seeking the perfect skirting board: from classic wood-effect to aluminium, steel, and PVC. The range of white Profilpas plinths is particularly diverse, with multiple options for any home interior requirement. Profilpas makes the white skirting board in a variety of materials, starting with PVC which is both functional and resistant.  The plinth in this elegant shade is also available in painted aluminium. In their simplicity, details such as these make the home a peaceful, elegant space and backdrop for any style of furniture.

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