Floor expansion joints

Floor expansion joints

The secret is the right balance of visual appeal and functionality


Quality of life often depends a lot on the place we spend our time in. Whether it’s at home, at work or in a public space, everyone's dream is to be somewhere that is as pretty as it is functional. Profilpas, always attentive to the needs of its customers and determined to find new, more efficient solutions to new challenges, has developed a premium range of products which combine contemporary design with practicality. 


For every occasion

The product that best encapsulates the values of the company is the floor expansion joint, namely the elastic links whose job it is to absorb expansion and contraction movements caused primarily by temperature changes. When used correctly, they can stop cracks from forming, and thereby positively influencing the quality and duration of the materials laid.  A floor expansion joint is an essential component, as when one is not used in a floor or covering, any small movements can, in the long term, cause the covering to crack or detach.

Choosing the right floor expansion joint for your application is easy. The selection depends on the type of covering, the temperature excursion and the distance between the joints. Placed near the separation in the substrate, this element can absorb all vibrations transmitted to the covering.