Wood effect skirting boards

Wood effect skirting board: the plinth that brings a touch of authentic class to the home

When wood is used in the home, its natural grain and patterns immediately catch the eye and convey a sense of warmth and welcome which are the essential to creating a pleasant, homely atmosphere. The same applies to the tiny details which help to embellish the rooms they are part of. The wood effect skirting boards were born of this philosophy and with Profilpas they can be easily and widely installed.

Wood effect skirting boards, customisable and natural

Like all plinths, the wood effect skirting boards are designed to protect the lower part of walls, covering the joint with the floor which can often be unsightly, providing an excellent remedy for dust. The boards blend in perfectly with the surfaces around them, creating a wood effect.  The result is especially atmospheric and creates the same effect as real wood skirting boards.

This visual appeal is achieved with the Alcrom®Plus range which presents a wide assortment of adhesive film coverings. Using this solution, Profilpas is able to offer a broad range of wood decor items, giving you a wider choice to find the right one for the style and furniture in your home. And if you can’t find the exact one, just send a sample of your floor and we will scan it and produce the exact wood plinth you need. The skirting boards that can be personalised with this film are PVC Line items 8608, 8605, 8612, 8613 and 8614. 

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