LED light skirting boards

LED light skirting boards

LED light skirting boards, singular charm and a dual core 

Guiding lights as eye-catching accessories. This well-known and valuable element has become a key design feature in recent times, bringing a designer touch to the bathroom and highlighting the details. Not forgetting the essential role light plays in everyday life: a well-illuminated room, with no dark areas where obstacles and danger may lurk, is much safer. A product with a dual core, a characteristic which is reflected in the features and mission of the LED light skirting boards, which are both visually appealing and practical.  

The light plinths are not just accessories, they have a specific role to play in the bathroom and are extremely useful.  When switched off, they decorate the space, switched on in the dark they create a magically enchanting atmosphere with singular light effects.  Moreover, the LED light plinth can, by definition, set off the various details of the room, highlighting the distinguishing features of the decor, such as any paintings on the walls.

Profilpas models for skirting lighting

Profilpas created a specific range of high-quality LED  light skirting boards which can be adapted to any requirement. Profilpas produces a vast range of skirting boards in a wide selection of materials (from aluminium to steel, also PVC and wood): amongst these, the light plinths are undoubtedly ideal for anyone looking for a skirting board that can create interesting light effects.  The Profilpas LED light plinth can, in fact, be connected to a dimmer switch, making it possible to vary the brightness. In this way, the LED profiles combine practical night-time lighting with elegance and sophistication.