Profili led

LED light profiles

Decorating with light

Even though lighting design has only recently been considered an essential component to be used in interior design, light has always been a focal point of any interior. It will come as no surprise, then, that this sector is attracting increasing interest among professional designers. Profilpas was a step ahead of the game when it introduced LED light profiles which can enhance and bring a touch of glamour, energy and originality to a wide range of spaces, from the more relaxing to service or work locations.

Illumination transforming interiors

LED light profiles by Profilpas can be used as a valuable decorative feature, and are ideal to draw attention to specific objects or create pleasant colour effects, enriching and redefining interiors. One of the many product lines designed by the company is Prolight, which includes listello tile trims for decorative purposes and for wall units, external corner and stairs profiles and skirting boards.
The combination of LED light profiles and Profilpas design brings to life a unique mix of unparalleled visual appeal.  Prolist CLA is a prime example, an anodized aluminium profile incorporating strip LED lighting. The integrated diffuser casts soft light on wall units, kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, stands, etc.. Other key products are the Prostep and Protect stair nosing profiles. This illuminated anodized aluminium stair nosing indulges the latest trends in contemporary design while assuring the safety of the space.