Metal skirting boards

Metal skirting boards, leading the way in contemporary design

Metal finishes are becoming firm favourites in contemporary design - they never go out of fashion and go well with a wide range of furniture types. The chrome details which are characteristic of the industrial style, for example, or of Nordic and minimalist interiors. Metal skirting boards are ideal at home, and also in working environments where metal is widely used because of its robustness and practicality. So why not choose a metal skirting board?

Metal skirting boards are versatile, offering unparalleled resistance and are very easy to clean. What’s more, they are designed to fit perfectly in contemporary settings, often creating a contrast with vibrant wall colours. They come as classic or flush-recessed, depending on the application. 

Metal skirting boards by Profilpas 

When choosing a metal skirting board, it’s important to seek out a supplier offering high-quality materials. The element purchased and its characteristic finish must last over time and be highly resistant.  

The metal skirting boards by Profilpas are made from superior quality materials and are available in a wide variety of colours. The Metal Line range, in particular, has a extensive selection of stainless steel and aluminium skirting boards, available in anthracite and satin white colours or the classic metal finishes that these materials are known for, such as silver anodized aluminium, titanium and gold.  

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