Laminate skirting boards

Laminate skirting boards, functional and easy to fit

Laminate has become increasingly popular as a floor covering in homes. Already widely used in offices and work spaces, it is now a favourite for domestic settings, being so easy to fit and look after. Moreover, by way of its design, laminate can replicate the same warm, cosy feel of solid wood flooring. 

So, what’s the best skirting board to match with a laminate floor? There are specific types of plinth that are best suited to this type of covering. More specifically, the distinctive feature of laminate is that it is easy to fit, and laminate skirting board is just the same: it is ideal for DIY installation and doesn’t need any particular care. 

PVC Line 8608, Profilpas laminate skirting boards

Profilpas has designed a dedicated range of laminate skirting boards, specifically the 8608 PVC Line range of PVC foam plinths, covered with Alcrom® Plus film.  The range comes in a variety of styles and can also be customised. Moreover, it is extremely simple to fit: with the fixing clip provided, glued or nailed.  

Choosing this laminate skirting board means guaranteed long-life and durability:  PVC line 8608 is impervious to water, contains no formaldehyde and withstands impacts, wear, UV rays and products normally used to clean floors and coverings.

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