Membrane per la posa

Membranes for laying applications

Reliable, versatile and functional membranes


WPstop membranes for laying applications by Profilpas are a reliable, versatile and quick solution for laying ceramic tile and stone coverings in bathrooms, balconies, terraces and on problematic substrates. 

Key elements in the Wpstop range

There are three different types of membrane in the WPstop range: WPstop, WPstop 3 and WPstop Drain 10. The first one is a waterproofing membrane with non-woven polypropylene fabric on both sides to assure the effective anchoring of the tile glue and good crack bridging. WPstop creates a water-resistant layer that protects from humidity and harmful substances, making it ideal for bathrooms, showers, walkways around swimming pools, and in food-related and industrial environments.  
WPstop3 is an uncoupling, waterproof and anti-fracture membrane for use in indoor and outdoor applications. This membrane has multiple properties: as well as creating a waterproof and separating layer, it facilitates the release of vapour pressure and can also be laid over cracked substrate or those which have not finished the curing period, cutting down construction times. 
WPstop Drain 10 is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) drainage membrane with a truncated cone structure and water-permeable filtering fabric at the top. Laid on waterproofing layers on a slope, it provides drainage between the insulation and floor on top of it. 

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