LED light profiles

LED light profiles

Interior decoration with LED light profiles


The perfect interior decor comes not only from clever arrangement of the furnishings, but also from the correct choice of colours and the right combination of complementary accessories. And it's also a question of lighting. Light is, in fact, like an expert interior design feature, able to create a warm, welcoming and cosy atmosphere, underlining the features points in the room and creating bright, and potentially also safe, spaces.

Profilpas LED light profiles are an attractive, elegant and functional answer to these requirements. They can define and enrich domestic, service or work spaces, creating soft light effects, thanks to the wide range of profiles available. 

A LED light profile for every requirement

Several Profilpas LED light profiles were designed to either draw attention to polished surfaces or intensify the “movement” in irregular ones, thanks to light sources directing light up the way, with no dispersion. For a soft, sophisticated ambience, cutting-edge devices are available, fitted with dimmer switches which are perfect for creating the perfect space in which to wind down after a hard day at work, or to host (and impress) relatives, friends and colleagues.  Anodized aluminium LED light stair profiles are both attractive and functional, with light acting as a silent guide up each step while it caresses and enhances the chacteristics of the surface. They are ideal for contemporary or high-tech interiors but are also suited to public spaces like clubs and cinemas, offices and sophisticated sea craft.