Skirting board for stairs

Stairs, part of the decor

You can tell a well-furnished home by the attention to detail and finishes. Nothing must be left to chance, for the sake of the interior harmony. In this sense, the design and choice of stairs is essential.  Instead of simply joining two floors, a staircase can become a veritable part of the decoration. Accordingly, skirting boards for stairs  also become important: they may only be a detail, but the details can make the difference. In some cases, skirting boards for stairs are not even considered, yet when fitted, they help to protect the wall from scuffs and create continuity between the floor downstairs and the floor upstairs. 

Profilpas skirting boards for stairs

The Profilpas catalogue presents a number of skirting boards and all can be used for staircases. The Metal Line range, which includes stainless steel and aluminium skirting boards with a variety of finishes, is exceptional for its functionality and versatility, but most of all, for its nod to contemporary design. It is therefore the most suitable solution to create a modern, minimal space. The LED Prolight range features Metal Line models with LED lights: in these LED light skirting boards, anodised aluminium is coupled with LEDs of different types and sizes, to provide safety light at night or to make stairs safe.  

Alongside Prolight, Profilpas presents Pvc Line, comprising skirting boards for stairs in foam PVC: some of these (8605, 8608, 8612, 8613 and 8614) can be personalized with PDS (Profilpas Digital System) film, which allows you to customize the colour and pattern of the baseboard to suit your own taste. 

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