Joint covers

Joint covers

Joint covers are the ideal solution for seamless floors 

The purpose of floor expansion joints and joint covers is to create a seamless surface and absorb any structural movements such as traction and vertical, horizontal and transversal  compression, in the floor and building itself.  

Joint covers are used on existing surfaces, laid over the space between two sections of the same structure, between parts of the floor or wall and floor.  Their purpose is to cover any structural movement by stopping tension being transferred to the ceiling or floor while preventing any other problems of dimensional stability in the surfaces due, for example, to temperature excursions between the seasons. 

Profilpas presents a range of joints and joint covers which can sustain any temperature or physical shocks to the wall or floor. 

Joint covers by Profilpas

There are various types of joint cover, depending on the structure, material, or application. Whether for walls, floors, ceilings or façades, adding a technical joint to absorb the physical variations in materials helps to assure the structural integrity of the surface.  

The aim is to preserve the structure in its original state, and most importantly, its efficiency. Procover is a range of joint covers by Profilpas which features some fittings in aluminium with elastic intserts, and others in aluminium, brass or steel.