Floor movement joints

Floor movement joints

Extensive functionality in any application

Floor movement joints play an important role, namely allowing expansion and contraction movements in floors. For this reason, they are essential when laying floors over large areas. 

Aware of this key function, Profilpas designed a range of floor movement joints able to accommodate the expansion and contraction of materials caused by seasonal temperature excursions. It achieves this while also providing a range of finishes, studied to adapt to the different stresses the covering is subjected to. These products, which Profilpas presents in a variety of different materials, are laid beside the separation joints in concrete or industrial floors and have proved to be both effective and particularly resistant, able to withstand intense vehicle and pedestrian loads. 

Profilpas floor movement joints

The Profilpas range of floor movement joints comprises two ranges: Certifix Projoint and Certifix Procover. The Projoint range presents movement joints in coextruded PVC, aluminium, brass, stainless steel and vulcanised EPDM, allowing them to be used on large surfaces subject to frequent traffic, on tiled floors and workplaces in which pallet trucks, fork lift trucks and cars are used. This is all possible while withstanding contraction, expansion and UV rays, meaning the joints can be used both indoors and out. 

The Certifix Procover range comprises aluminium and stainless steel joint covers which can withstand transversal traction and compression movements, cover structural expansion or contraction in two different structures and create continuity in structures with continuous spans.