Skirting baseboards: essential household fittings

They say that a quality designer item is, like diamonds, “for life”. So, even when it comes to the details, the things that go into the interior decoration have to have several essential qualities - functionality, superior materials and style.  These are the features a good baseboard must have. Often this element is taken for granted, it is an essential fitting in every room, whether a work or home environment. It has several valuable functions: it protects the lower part of the wall from scuffs caused by shoes, vacuum cleaners and brushes, for example, and covers the often irregular joint between floor and wall, stopping dust from getting in. 

A wide selection of materials, finishes and models to choose from

Baseboards by Profilpas have been designed to provide the best possible solution to what is required of this stylish item: the range of materials - all very high quality - is truly vast, from aluminium to stainless steel, wood, and PVC, and the catalogue lists a huge selection of sizes and fixing methods (tongue and groove, adhesive, screw, nails). Not to mention the array of colours: depending on the material selected, there are many shades, finishes or wood types to choose from. Moreover, when you choose a PVC baseboard, you can use the exclusive PDS (Profilpas Digital System) to personalise the finish on your skirting board, thanks to digital printing. 

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