Shower drains

Shower drains

The secret to an impeccable bathroom

Contemporary design has revolutionised the bathroom concept - a room that was once seen as a simple service space has now grown in our estimations, and is dedicated a lot more attention. In time, it has been turned into a fully operational mini spa within the home: the ideal place to pamper the body and relax the mind.  Given this new importance, more attention has to be devoted to the finishes and details. 

Profilpas quickly responded to this trend and developed a wide selection of products for its customers.  One of these is the impeccably designed range of shower drain systems: Thin Drain, Slim Drain and Smart Drain.  

Profilpas finishes make for unique showers

Profilpas shower drain channels help to achieve visually perfect bathrooms which are in sync with trends in modern interiors.  Thin Drain, Slim Drain and Smart Drain are easy-to-fit flush floor drain systems, giving you the freedom to personalise the fittings used in your shower. 

Thin Drain has a drain pipe that is only 55 mm wide, making it ideal for restructuring works.  The cover strips come in three elegant options: Classic, Cube and Single Line. Thin Drain shower systems can also be installed against the wall. 

The drain pipe in Slim Drain is also a mere 65 mm wide. This makes it especially suited for bathrooms in which compactness and versatility are key. 

Smart Drain, on the other hand, comes in a variety of sizes, and is ideal when working with large formats in any type of space. There are many benefits to choosing this range of shower drain systems, from the eye-catching design to the ease-of-fit and maintenance.