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Point drainage

The finish that makes a home shower unique

We often think of a shower as a special five minutes every day: to wake up in the morning, or to wind down at the end of a hard day at work.  Because it’s such an important part of everyday life, contemporary design has turned it into one of the focal points of the bathroom - an inviting, soothing and aesthetically impeccable place. Profilpas has interpreted and indulged such trends, introducing an exclusive range of shower drains

An excellent and versatile range from Profilpas

A key feature in this comprehensive and constantly evolving range of products that have been designed with a careful eye to the visual effects and functionality demanded by customers, is the Q Drain shower drain line. These square elements are extremely versatile and come in a choice of designs to match the wall and floor covering. Q Drain is available in four versions: Q Drain Classic, Q Drain Cube, Q Drain Line (in high-shine or satin stainless steel) and Q Drain Tile,  which lets you hide the drain under the same floor covering used for the rest of the shower.