Chromium-plated brass profiles

Chromium-plated brass profiles

Details to capture the heart

The expert eye of all those who are used to seeing the beauty in the home and work spaces in which they spend their time is constantly caught by details. Finishes are often what makes the difference between an impeccable home and one that only looks well-kept on the surface.  Profilpas profiles have something for even the more discerning eye. 

In fact, Profilpas has always made sure to develop ranges which combine superior materials with quality design, creating products which challenge the very notion of what finishes can do in the interior design world. Central to this are undoubtedly chromium-plated brass profiles, a signature product for the company. 

The appeal of high-quality, durable profiles

Chromium-plated brass profiles are the product of a meticulous and well-tested process from which only high-sheen, glossy trims emerge.  The chromium-plating renders the surface coating resistant to corrosion and wear.  For this reason, the chromium-plated brass profiles are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of different application environments. In particular, these products by Profilpas are widely used as tile trims and as profiles for floors, steps or even around curved surfaces. The end result always manages to turn heads: a mix of durability and sleek beauty, for all requirements.