Profiles for LVT floors

Profiles for LVT floors

The future is Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles, otherwise known as LVT, are the final frontier in flooring. This material has turned around the idea of PVC as a “poor” material, creating especially attractive interiors. Vinyl tiles are made of polyvinyl chloride with high-definition patterns which mimic real wood planks, tiles and marble.  To further enrich these spaces, Profilpas has designed versatile and functional profiles for LVT floors.

LVT is distinctly slim and highly water-repellent which make it perfect for wet places like bathrooms and kitchens. It is also extremely durable, which is essential for high foot traffic locations like hotels, restaurants and shops. To dress such locations impeccably, profiles for LVT floors by Profilpas have been designed specifically to adapt to the typically low thicknesses of LVT floors. 

Technology powering design

The advent of digital printing has allowed Profilpas to create original wood, stone and resin patterns that can be produced in any of the latest or most common colours.  

This further enhances the advantages of profiles for lvt floors, giving the space an even more impeccable finish in terms of details and maintaining the necessary uniformity of colour.