Internal corner profiles

Internal corner profiles

Corners that are out of ordinary

“Don't overdo it” is the golden rule of interior design. This mantra applies whatever the environment and whatever the part of the house, including corners, which can add value to a room when correctly fitted out. In this respect, internal corner profiles serve a dual purpose: to create a joint that guarantees a high standard of hygiene while delivering soft and elegant visual appeal.

But what are internal corner profiles for? First and foremost, internal corner trims are a meeting point for adjacent coverings, leaving the necessary space for natural expansion and preventing any unsightly gaps or the use of silicone. 

Profilpas internal corner profiles, which can also be viewed on-line, provide an effective solution in this kind of situation. Some potential areas of use are hospitals, swimming pools, food industry and commercial kitchens: in such places, Profilpas trims guarantee the high standards of hygiene required.

One of the range’s many strengths is the wide variety of items to choose from: depending on the use to be made, customers can choose from stainless steel, aluminium, and PVC.  

Also for existing floors

You may need to fit internal corner profiles after the floor covering has been laid. For these situations, Profilpas has a selection of extremely hygienic, safe trims. Such profiles can be easily fitted using the relevant glue, making them the ideal solution for spaces which are being restructured or made compliant with the latest regulatory standards. Profilpas internal corner profiles are therefore the ideal choice to make corners the silent protagonist of any space.