Brass profiles

Brass profiles

Brass profiles, elegance and quality guaranteed

Some materials belong to man’s history, by his side through the centuries and able to meet different needs along the way. Brass is one of these. Interior designers understand its essence and have highlighted it in the finest interior decoration as well as using it for the smallest of details. Profilpas brass profiles are compellingly beautiful, bright and linear, always faithful to the quality of the brand. 

Why does Profilpas enjoy making brass profiles so much? The answer is easy: when you work with brass - a copper-zinc alloy renowned for being easy to machine, as well as its ductility, resistance to abrasion and corrosion - performance is guaranteed, even in the presence of moisture. The typical hue of brass makes it a favourite for decorative profiles for the way it ensconces any interior finish with elegant, geometric class. 

Brass profiles offer further qualities when combined with other materials: from wood to PVC and also aluminium. The brass profiles  are also available in different forms and with different finishes - natural, polished or chrome. 

The great beauty of chrome

Profilpas did not stop at classic brass profiles, its broad product range also includes chrome-plated brass profiles which are ideal as a finish in all spaces featuring ceramic tiles. Chrome-plating brings not only the mirror effect, it also makes the trim more resistant to corrosion and wear. The final result?  Elegant and high-class.