Aluminium profiles

Aluminium profiles

The beauty in simplicity 

Lightweight, hard-wearing and ideal for an array of installation conditions: aluminium has grown to become one of the most widely used materials in interior decor. The benefits of aluminium and its wide range of technical applications are catered for by Profilpas collections, which present a selection of versatile and functional the aluminium profiles. The brand has leveraged the simplicity of this material and delivered it in a series of different colours and applications.

Profilpas aluminium profiles are suitable for use in a variety of contexts; for example, they are perfect for both external and internal corners. They are also used frequently to create seamless joints between floors of the same or different heights, or to cover curved surfaces. 

Enhance and protect all areas

By virtue of the material properties, aluminium profiles can be used on any surface: from ceramic tiles to wood, carpets and doormats. Its versatility means it is well-suited to many domestic environments. Aluminium is perfect for any space in the home, whether kitchen, bathroom or lounge.  

Regardless of where they're placed and irrespective of the model, aluminium profiles fulfil two main functions - to protect corners and create subtle decorative effects. Profilpas products come in natural, anodized, coated and polished aluminium, all available in a variety of finishes.