Stair nosing profiles

Stair nosing profiles

Design, comfort and safety for stairs

Whether in public or private spaces, stairs are extremely important. In residential spaces, they are considered a veritable decorative feature, able to add a slick and sophisticated elegance to the home. In workplaces and office buildings, stairs are key parts of the structure and must be safe and convenient to use. Aside from construction-related concerns, the smaller details can make the difference and turn stairs into a stand-out feature in the room. To this end, stair nosing profiles have a primary role to play and deciding to fit them is a winning decision.

A broad and assorted range of stair nosing profiles

Knowing which stair nosing profiles to choose for the structure you want to embellish is not easy. To help customers in this regard, Profilpas has created stair fittings which combine visual appeal and practicality to perfection. 

A lot of thought has gone into safety: we’d just like to remind you that most of these stair nosing profiles are compliant with DIN 51131, which regulates non-slip stairs, on the strength of the ridged surface, in rubber or with Safety-Step strips.

More specifically, two stair nosings stand out in the wide range available - Protect and Prostep, which come in a number of materials (aluminium, stainless steel and brass) and are a guarantee of convenience, safety and protection from chemical and physical agents. Worthy of note and available alongside the selection of stair nosing profiles is the Prostair system, which comes with a series of trims and accessories to fit stair rods.
On top of this, Profilpas presents several LED ranges which not only highlight and enhance the design, they also assure greater safety.