PVC profiles

PVC profiles

PVC profiles, characteristic and versatile

The interior design sector is a fascinating world, both for the constantly evolving and increasingly efficient trends and also for the constant research into materials that can fulfil the many ideas designers. Alongside classic wood and aluminium, PVC is also used to create fittings and interior decorations that are both functional and appealing on the eye. Profilpas has taken the ability of polyvinyl chloride to withstand impact, humidity and UV rays and used it to create PVC profiles for use in residential and many other applications. 

The distinctive features of the PVC profiles in the Profilpas catalogue are their technical properties and also the ability to meet any requirement for external and internal corners, bathrooms, low widths, stairs and much more.

PVC profiles, a world of colour

Particular attention was paid to visual appeal, with the result PVC profiles are available in a large number of colours to fit in with the style of the interior. Depending on the model, the trims come in all colours from white to beige, grey to anthracite, red to green and from coral to black. There is therefore a wide assortment so all those looking to match the various shades and hues in their space will find just what they’re looking for.