Profiles for floors of same height

Profiles for floors of same height

Profiles for floors of same height - elegant and functional

Very often, in houses, offices or shops, either between rooms or in open-plan spaces, there will be joints where floors of the same or different kinds meet. In the latter case, the effect will be a stylish one, created by designers and interior decorators to demarcate the different spaces, in both functional and aesthetic terms. Clearly, the point where they meet has to be carefully managed, using profiles for floors of same height, made specifically for this purpose. 

Depending on the range, Profilpas models stand out for the finish, seal and protection they bring to surfaces, serving as a separation joint and decoration between two different types of flooring. If you want to have tile flooring alongside wood or carpets, then Profilpas has the ideal solution and profiles for floors of same height

A broad range to choose from

Profilpas produces a wide range of models, each suitable for a specific purpose and context: some are perfect for floors subject to high loads and frequent traffic, some are designed for public and private spaces, others cover any potential imperfections. 

This versatility is also guaranteed by the materials from which these products - which are laid along the edge of the floor covering and come in a wide range of finishes - are made. From sleek stainless steel (polished, satin, sand-blasted) to aluminium, which comes as anodized steel, gold, titanium and bronze, depending on the model.  And then there are the brass profiles for floors of same height, which bring a touch of original design that will catch the eye.