Solutions for the hotel sector, combining visual appeal and functionality

Hotels aim to give their guests the best welcome possible, offering excellent services and fulfilling their every requirement.  For a dream stay, however, location is also important - the internal spaces, in particular, must be beautiful, comfortable and functional.  These characteristics must be present in every corner and every room of the hotel, from the furniture down to the details. Profiles are also a part of this - the skirting boards and listello tile trims - embellishing the space while also assuring a number of practical advantages. Profilpas therefore makes a wide array of profiles for the hotel sector, with the perfect solutions to meet the needs and tastes of guests.
Of the many products that would suit this context, the light skirting boards are worthy of note. Not only do they bring life and a magical atmosphere to a room, they also act as a silent guiding light in the hours of darkness, making the space safer. 

Quality-inspired finishes for the hotel sector

It is essential that care is taken with everything in the hotel sector. For this reason, Profilpas has created a range of stylish profiles and design skirting boards to decorate interiors, and thanks to the wide range of colours and finishes available, original combinations can be achieved and the overall style of the hotel perfected.   Some models echo the shades of stone and gold, others have interesting geometrical patterns, while yet others have crystals for a touch of luxury. 
The range of elements produced to meet the practical needs of the hotel sector is wide and varied,  also in terms of safety.  External corner profiles are, in fact, ideal for the prevention of injury and together with the internal corner profiles, they assure a high level of hygiene in locations where this is a necessity, such as kitchens. 

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