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Hygiene, the number one objective of hospitals and schools

Hospitals and schools share the same need: to guarantee the highest standard of hygiene within their walls, to protect their patients and students. The size of the buildings and the huge numbers of people inside make them difficult to clean consistently and properly. This can risk bacteria potentially building up in corners and along the edges of walls. This danger must be prevented, given that the guests in these buildings need to live in a clean and healthy place. Profilpas has many solutions for this.

Profilpas profiles for hospitals and schools

Take the external corner profiles for instance, designed to combine design and functionality. The Protrim model, in stainless steel, has excellent resistance to corrosion and chemical agents. The version in AISI 304 stainless steel is perfect for care homes. 

To assure a high standard of hygiene in hospitals and schools, internal corner profiles are also recommended, especially the Proround range. They have a special concave shape, which is where the name “hygienic corner profiles” comes from, as they make it possible to clean deeper into the angle between wall and floor, stopping dirt and dust from gathering and providing a breeding ground for bacteria. 

With the same special preoccupation for the needs of hospitals and schools, Profilpas also developed a  slightly convex PVC skirting board for coverings, providing an appealing finish and covering the outside of the surfaces. Thanks to its rich catalogue, the brand has the right solution for all requirements, without forgetting to make places like hospitals and schools - which need to rely on perfect hygiene - a number one priority.

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