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Visual appeal and functionality in commercial spaces

The quality of the floor and wall coverings in commercial spaces is critical. If you choose the right ones, you create a warm and welcoming space in which customers can happily spend their time, focusing on their shopping with peace of mind. To enhance and protect surfaces, the details have to be looked after with high quality profiles, skirting boards and listello tile trims. Look no further than Profilpas for the perfect combination of beauty and functionality.

Profilpas solutions for commercial spaces

In commercial spaces, the overall visual appeal is the major focus and to draw attention to the features of the coverings, Profilpas provides a huge range of specialist solutions, with something to fit every style: for example, there are many skirting boards in the Profilpas Design and Metal Line ranges that fit perfectly with the now popular minimal and contemporary  vibe. 
Not to be overlooked, though, are the listello tile trims which are a simple yet striking. These versatile products can personalize any shop in which they're used, enhancing the look of rooms and areas. For more luxurious commercial spaces, the profiles embellished with Swarovski® crystals are ideal.
As regards the functional side, it is undoubtedly of paramount importance to protect external corners and edges with profiles made exactly for this purpose, to avoid the unsightly and fragile 45-degree cut in the tiles. The rounded shape is a very important safety feature.
Commercial spaces often have sections of the floor that are different: in this case, Profilpas offers excellent separation joints which are also extremely useful to protect ceramic tiled steps and all other areas subject to heavy passing loads, which are common in this kind of space. Not forgetting expansion and movement joints, a range designed specifically to accommodate the expansion and contraction of materials following seasonal temperature excursions.

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