Details in industrial environments: an aspect not to be underestimated

Industrial environments are workplaces that require special attention: given their complexity, there are many factors to be considered. Everything must be optimised to make sure work runs smoothly, safely and with no loss of time. In large spaces, operators must be protected from the risk of injury and products must not be contaminated, in the food industry in particular.  To achieve this objective, procedures must not only be respected and cutting-edge technologies applied, but attention also paid to details. In this regard, Profilpas makes a wide selection of solutions available for industrial settings. 

Profilpas solutions

In particular, external corner profiles are extremely useful - like the stainless steel models in the Probord range - recommended for both accident-prevention and hygiene purposes.
Performance is guaranteed with the stainless steel internal corner profiles by Profilpas: they are resistant to chemical attack and therefore an effective defence against organic and inorganic agents. In this particular context,  profiles from the Proround range are perfect.  

Moreover, for industrial settings,  Profilpas also offers floor expansion joints which are perfect for large factories, guaranteeing excellent levels of technical performance. 

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