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Valuable solutions by Profilpas for the marine sector 

Cruise ships are, to all intents and purposes, floating hotels, complete with everything you need to relax and have fun. For this reason, there is no shortage of luxury spaces where elegance and sophistication converge in the generally refined furnishings, of which the details are an essential part.  Profiles and skirting boards are, in fact, elements which contribute to the enchantment and magical atmosphere at sea or in the ocean.  In this regard, Profilpas offers a wide selection of solutions for the marine sector, thanks to the constant focus on aesthetic appeal and quality. 

The brand presents a large number of superior products, able to enrich and enhance any interior, adapting to suit the many styles and giving life to original colour combinations. On offer, for example, are elements inspired by the hues of stone and gold, or featuring geometric patterns with a sophisticated feel. For more refined spaces, Profilpas offers profiles embellished with Swarosvki® crystals which bring an unparalleled sense of luxury to wherever they’re laid.

It goes without saying that the brand has also thought about transition spaces like staircases, introducing anodised aluminium stair nosings with a horizontal light band on the front: ideal for guaranteeing greater freedom by getting rid of darker zones while also creating a visually appealing effect.  

Safety first

Again in the marine sector, we have to mention swimming pools.  Cruise ships often have swimming pools for guests only. To prevent any chance of injury, Profilpas has also developed specific non-slip rolls which are hygienic and non-abrasive, assuring full comfort in total safety and perfect for wet or damp areas when walking around in bare feet.

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