Profilpas solutions against hidden hazards

Shops, offices, show rooms and large public spaces are special places, often subject to stresses, unusual movements and heavy foot traffic every day. So as well as facilitating the many activities that go on within them, these spaces have to be designed with safety in mind: of the workers, operatives and guests of all ages. In this regard, Profilpas offers a wide range of solutions.

Watch out for bacteria, unlit areas, corners and slippy areas

One of the most critical points are wall corners and edges. Because of this, external corner profiles are useful as they get rid of the delicate 45-degree cut in ceramic tile coverings, providing important accident prevention cover.

Moreover, many Profilpas products guarantee a high standard of safety in terms of hygiene, more specifically the internal corner profiles featuring certified antibacterial technology (rigorously tested to international standard JIS Z 2801:2000). The characteristics of the latter, namely the rounded shape, help to stop dirt building up between the floor and wall, assuring a high level of hygiene. 

Still on the subject of safety, the importance of light should not be underestimated, as it is a valid help in illuminating areas left in the shadows and pointing out any hidden hazards. The many profiles and skirting boards with LED lighting systems by Profilpas are perfect in this regard, casting a very atmospheric light over the space.

Moreover, one of the most common hazards in any room is the danger of slipping. One of the dangerous places in terms of safety are stairs: the foot may not land correctly on the tread and significantly increase the chance of falling, and of sustaining injury. In this respect, Profilpas provides stair nosing profiles, manufactured to DIN 51131 non-slip standards. 
Another valid help undoubtedly comes from Safety Walk™, a range of extremely versatile self-adhesive, non-slip coverings: they are ideal for surfaces subject to intense foot traffic, entrances to offices, on ramps, emergency exits, and also in showers, dressing rooms, saunas and boats.

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