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When design is in the details

Hotels, shops, shopping centres, cruise ships, public buildings: many entities, in their offices, showrooms and, more generally speaking, in their respective spaces, aim to create an elegant and sophisticated ambience, inspired by the latest trends and trying to show off to perfection the aesthetic features of the spaces they inhabit. To do this means trusting an interior design professional: from architects to interior designers, leading exponents of the furnishing world. Everything, in fact, needs to be studied in the finest detail, and the quality can only be the best. For this reason, when the talk turns to profiles, skirting boards and listello tile trims, Profilpas is the answer.

Profilpas solutions for stylish interiors

The brand offers numerous solutions, designed specifically for sophisticated and elegant interiors in which attention to detail is done discreetly but never goes unnoticed, like the Profilpas Design range. This range offers many colours and finishes, to bring to life interesting and original colour combinations that reflect current trends. The collection includes something for every requirement: from listello tile trims to profiles to protect external corners and skirting boards.

Interior designers find everything they need in Profilpas to create classy interiors: from Swarovski® crystal elements bringing light and luxury to tile trims with a variety of patterns.

Also available for stylish spaces are the Trend Color Stone external corner profiles with colours that echo the warm hues of stone and the natural world.

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