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Health centres are a little corner of heaven where the services offered, from massages to mud baths and treatments, assure the wellbeing of mind and body. The structures themselves usually reflect the atmosphere inside, with elegant and classy atmospheres, ready to make dreams come true. A lot of care is taken with details, like profiles, which can meet a variety of requirements, in terms of both style and hygiene: in these contexts, cleanliness and health are fundamental. In this regard, Profilpas offers a number of solutions for the wellness sector, making sure the many needs of health centres and associated structures are covered.

The best profiles for external and internal corners and edges

In particular, the brand presents Probord external corner profiles. These models, which are perfect for ceramic tile coverings, were designed with accident prevention in mind and to guarantee a high standard of hygiene. The AISI 316 stainless steel version is ideal for health centres and spas, and also for swimming pools and all locations in which there is chlorine and salt water/air. 

Notable among the models suitable for the wellness sector is the Protrim range which, like all external corner profiles in AISI 316 stainless steel, are resistant to attack from chlorine and its composites. 

At the same time, Profilpas also presents a vast range of internal corner profiles: the Proround range and its rounded shape make it easier to keep such places clean, avoiding the build-up of dirt and bacteria. These features clearly make it perfect for doctors’ surgeries, swimming pools and hospitals as well.  Moreover, these valuable profiles for the wellness sector, in AISI 316 stainless steel, have a distinctively high level of resistance.

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