Profilpas, the luxury choice for The Fairmont The Palm hotel in Dubai.


The five-star hotel used the C Design range

Luxury elements for a five-star luxury hotel: this is the result of the collaboration between Profilpas and the Dubai Hotel Fairmont the Palm. This hotel is special in every way, starting from its location: it's on The Palm, the world's biggest artificial island, built in the shape of a palm tree. Bedrooms in the Fairmont The Palm hotel afford views over the Dubai skyline and the Persian Gulf, in the ultimate comfort - clients can also book the penthouse on the top floor of the building, and enjoy the apartment-sized accommodation in which luxury lies in every detail. 

Profiles embellished with Swarowski® crystals

It was in the penthouse that Profilpas C Design profiles were used. This range of high-end decorative trims, either chrome or 24k gold-plated, are also embellished with Swarowski® crystals: the perfect choice to meet more discerning requirements and an alternative to the classic luxury of decorative stoneware motifs or ceramic or metal listello tile trims. 

Prodecor and Prostyle gold-plated profiles

In particular, Prodecor and Prostyle profiles were used at the Dubai Fairmont The Palm, bringing light wherever they’re fitted and a precious touch to every room. The varying thickness allows the full effect of the Swarowski® crystals to be exploited: Prodecor is 5mm thick and has one row of Swarowski® crystals; Prostyle is 10mm thick and has three rows of Swarowski® crystals. 

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