Skirting boards

Skirting boards

Skirting boards, a mix of design and functionality


Skirting boards are, by nature, highly practical: they are great for protecting the bottom of walls which often get kicked and scuffed, and also hide the joint between floor and walls which often has unfinished edges. And not forgetting those with special rebates to run cables through and keep them out the way. Plinth boards are also important for the touch of design they can add to the overall decor:  appearance, form and material are key factors when choosing a plinth which, if well-matched to the style of the room, can be a feature point in impeccably furnished homes or workplaces. 

There are numerous options: from aluminium to steel and PVC, there is something for every requirement. The key thing is to choose a high quality product and a model that matches the interior decor perfectly. 

Skirting boards by Profilpas

For this reason, Profilpas produces superior quality skirting boards, in a variety of formats, designed by experts to meet the full spectrum of requirements in both domestic and professional environments. The brand’s skirting boards are made from a variety of materials and some models can also be fitted by DIY enthusiasts; moreover, the Profilpas range includes special components like joints, inside and outside corners and end pieces. The Profilpas catalogue has classic fittings and also models with cable skirting board, LED lighting and flexible skirting boards. 

The two main ranges made by Profilpas are Metal Line and PVC Line. The former was inspired by contemporary interior design and comprises two materials - stainless steel and aluminium - guaranteeing versatility, functionality and elegance.  PVC Line, on the other hand, was designed to meet technical demands and colour matching requirements and is ideal for both professional and DIY use.