Aluminium skirting boards

Aluminium skirting boards

Choose style with an aluminium skirting board

Versatile, elegant, minimalist, contemporary, functional: there are so many ways to describe this unique material - aluminium - which has always been, and still is, used in contemporary interiors.  The ultimate light alloy is now the preferred “ingredient” to create home accessories, light sources and electrical appliances.  The design world had literally fallen in love with this material - unsurprisingly, Profilpas, for whom style has always been a  primary concern, offers a vast selection of aluminium skirting boards, with something for every requirement.

Aluminium can be machined in multiple ways in order to achieve its characteristic sheen, colour, properties and general “personality”. The more technical features are accompanied by its striking visual appeal to create attractive, elegant and functional aluminium skirting boards

Types of aluminium skirting boards

The aluminium skirting boards listed in the Profilpas catalogue can be supplied as anodized, painted or polished, with solutions to fit all requirements and needs. Each model was designed and constructed to assure optimal fittings and wall-floor joints. Moreover,  service wires and cables can be run through the skirting, protecting and hiding them from view to assure both safety and aesthetic appeal. Whether they are curved, square, rounded or straight, these elements give the room an elegant, modern feel and will match perfectly even with the most contemporary of furniture.