PVC skirting boards

PVC skirting boards

Practical PVC skirting boards for any type of floor

The key strengths of Profilpas PVC skirting boards are that they are easy to fit and easy to customise, which means they can be made to match any type of floor. Designed to protect walls from scuffs and to hide the uneven junction between wall and floor, they are ideal for DIY home improvers. PVC skirting boards also satisfy aesthetic requirements in whatever context.  

Variety, customisation, design

The thing that makes Profilpas products different is the ability to customise them and the vast assortment available, with something to match the colour shades and hues of every kind of home decor. Take wood-effect PVC skirting boards, for example, designed as the perfect match for all kinds of real wood surfaces, from oak to larch, walnut and teak. This is achieved with the ground-breaking PDS digital printing system which allows us to replicate any pattern or drawing, to meet the customer’s requirements.

As well as the customised surfaces, these boards offer extreme protection - from water, dampness, impact and detergents. What’s more, they are also environmentally friendly as they contain no formaldehyde and are made of recyclable PVC.

So, PVC skirting boards by Profilpas are the ideal solution when appeal and practicality are key, and are also perfectly suited for use in domestic settings.