Stainless steel skirting boards

Stainless steel skirting boards

Sturdy and sleek stainless steel skirting boards

Sleek beauty that will dress any contemporary design space to perfection meets exceptional technical prowess: steel finds a home in domestic and work settings thanks to its visual and performance qualities, all captured to perfection in Profilpas stainless steel skirting boards

Steel skirting boards, perfect for minimalist, contemporary interiors

The Profilpas catalogue presents stainless steel skirting boards, designed to bring hard-wearing , practicality and style to the installation space. They stand out for their modern appeal and ability to blend in perfectly with the surrounding space, especially in contemporary, minimalist interiors.  

Skirting boards are therefore a valuable and essential addition to any room, bringing an extra touch of style. Not to be overlooked, either, are the technical properties they offer, guaranteed by the material they're made from. Steel is especially resistant to corrosion and impact and requires only very straightforward maintenance over the years to preserve its lustre. Guaranteed durability that defies the passing of time. 

Profilpas stainless steel skirting boards are therefore ideal for minimalist, contemporary styles. An additional feature which contributes to this is the extra lip that sits on top of the floor, providing increased perimeter coverage and making it fit most room designs and performance requirements. They are also easy to fit using specific adhesives.