Wood baseboards

Wood - natural and elegant baseboards

Wood is one of best-loved materials by interior designers: the many different forms and types never go out of fashion. Indeed, wood brings elegance and heat to any room. This is why it is also the most popular material used to make skirting boards: a wood baseboard is a classic but that doesn't mean it can’t be updated or given a contemporary take. 

To this end, Profilpas makes a variety of models in which wood blends perfectly with aluminium, maintaining the classic functions of a skirting board: protecting the base of the wall, they create a dust barrier, cover the wall-floor joint and decorate the room perimeter.

An aluminium soul meets elegant, natural wood finishes

Wood baseboards by Profilpas are part of the high-quality Metal Line range, on account of the aluminium core. This core has a natural wood insert, with an oak base and three different essences, giving the room a touch of elegance typical of such a noble material. 

The ground-breaking feature of the wood baseboard is this mix of two cores, allowing the skirting board to become trunking in order to hide service cables. Aluminium also makes the board relatively easy to fit, thanks to the special supports secured to the wall with small screws. The wood and aluminium plinth by Profilpas also comes in a model that fits flush to the wall, making it completely level with the rest of the wall. 

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