Design skirting boards

Design skirting boards: where visual appeal meets performance

Design means finding the perfect conflation of aesthetic appeal and functionality. These two aspects complement each other perfectly and are to be born in mind when furnishing or renovating the home. Often underestimated in this regard is the plinth, which joins floor to wall and forms the perimeter of the room. Skirting boards are in every room of the house which means the choice of model is not something to be taken lightly. It should match the colour of the walls, floor and furniture. 
A design skirting board is the right choice for stylish interiors and for the perfect harmony of surfaces - when fine materials meet exclusive finishings, unparalleled results are achieved. 

Profilpas design skirting boards

Profilpas produces a range of contemporary-inspired profiles and skirting boards for the architecture of modern properties: Profilpas Design. The I Design range of design skirting boards are made of anodized aluminium and come in a variety of colours. These hard-wearing,  high-quality slim plinths will match any home interior, even the most unusual, including industrial or minimalist.  Profilpas design skirting boards have even more to offer: the entire Metal Line range includes models which combine functionality, versatility and visual appeal, with something for every home requirement. Also worth a mention is the M-Design skirting board, a solution designed to define ceramic tiles with prominent, clear lines.

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