Corner profiles for coverings

True design pieces

A final touch often given when renovating or refurbishing an interior spaces is to lay tiles in one of many wonderful forms and colours available. Their beauty should not only be admired but also protected, especially the edges and corners which need a degree of attention given that they are the most likely part to chip or get ruined, as well as posing a hazard for people. 
In this regard, Profilpas has focused its design and technical expertise on corner profiles for coverings, producing a range of stylish components which also guarantee a high level of safety. They are very special pieces, and encapsulate,  like the many other Profilpas solutions, the brand’s superior design capabilities, as well as fulfilling a very important purpose: protecting both the structure and the people in it.

Protecting all tile types, and much more

Corner profiles for coverings are recommended for finishing ceramic tile, marble, stone and porcelain stoneware surfaces. 

Corner profiles for coverings were designed to seal and protect corners and edges as well as decorate them, whether they’re in a home or industrial context. 

Profilpas supplies a huge range of corner trims, each designed to fulfil more than one function: there are those which are ideal for sealing and protecting floors and the edges of stairs laid with a variety of materials, or those made in stainless steel for places like hospitals, food manufacturers, swimming pools, spas and industrial kitchens.  

In addition, there are also soft PVC corner trims for accident prevention. These particular trims are recommended for schools, offices, nursery schools and public spaces. 

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